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Mr. Lee Culp, CDT

Mr. Lee is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory, education and, research and product development center, for new and innovative digital dental technologies, and their applied applications to diagnostic, restorative and surgical dentistry. He is a pioneer in digital dentistry, and a leading resource/inventor for many of the materials, products, and techniques used in dentistry today, and holds numerous patents for his ideas and products. Lee writes many articles per year, and his writing, photography, and teaching style have brought him international recognition, as one of today’s most exciting lecturers and innovative artisans in the specialty of digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics.

He is the 2007 recipient of the Kenneth Rudd Award from the American Society of Prosthodontics, the 2007 recipient of the AACD Presidents Award for Excellence in Dental Education, as well as the 2003 recipient of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, Excellence in Education Award, and the 2013 American College of Prosthodontics-Dental Technician Leadership Award, as well as the 2014 Spectrum Publishing-Lifetime Achievement award, and the Dr Peter Dawson-Dawson Academy 2017 – Dentistry Distinguished Service Award.

Presentation Title: Unique Digital Workflows, from Surgery to Restorative

As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide more efficient methods of communication and fabrication while at the same time retaining the individual creativity and artistry of the skilled dentist and dental technician, while the utilization of new technology will continue to enhance the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician team. This exciting multimedia presentation will offer participants a unique insight into digital design, using 3 Shape Dental Designer and Implant Studio, from pre surgical planning to using Digital Denture design, printed diagnostic wax-up and milled provisional PMMA restorations, and their digital replicas to guide us in the creation of cad-cam restorations, for both tooth and implant supported prosthetics, will be presented.

Learning objectives:

  • Adapting conventional techniques to CAD-CAM technology
  • Dentist/technician communication
  • 3D Smile Design
  • Intra-oral scanning
  • Digital Implant, planning, surgical guides, final restorations
  • Restorative material choices
  • Esthetics and function
  • Diagnostic treatment planning
  • Digital Diagnostic Wax up
  • Digital Temporary restorations
  • Milling vs Printing
  • Cultural vs Technological changes

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