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Dr. Gil Alcoforado, DMD; Ph.D., FICD, FACD, FPFA

Dr. Alcoforado is a specialist in Periodontology (U. of Bergen-1980), Visiting Researcher U. of Pennsylvania (1986), Visiting Professor U. of Michigan (1989/90), Ph.D. in 1995, Full Professor and Chair, Periodontal Department at the University of Lisbon (until 2015), Founder of the Portuguese Periodontal Society and Past-President of the European Federation of Periodontlogy (EFP), Board Member of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO). Chair of the Philip Dear Foundation and President-Elect of the International College of Dentists, European Section. Dean of the Egas Moniz University in Lisbon, Portugal

Presentation Title: Peri-implantitis: The future nightmare in Implant Dentistry

Since the establishment of the concept of osseointegration the use of endosseous implants has not stopped growing. For some years, implants have been used to substitute missing teeth of both partially and fully edentulous individuals.

The number of implants placed all over the world keeps increasing every year. At times, some of these implants are placed in less than favorable conditions. Certain authors estimate that around one of each four implants placed could develop peri-implantitis. Our current knowledge on how to treat peri-implantitis is still far from being up to par. All these conditions could contribute to a major health issue in the very near future.

Several systemic and local risk factors have been identified which will be discussed. It has been suspected that periodontal conditions of patients could negatively influence the health of the peri-implant tissues. The etiopathogenesis of mucositis and peri-implantitis will be presented as well as their diagnosis and treatment. As a major conclusion, one should take all possible measures to prevent the peri-implant diseases from developing. Prevention, at every single step of implant rehabilitation, is the key for maintaining the peri-implant tissues healthy and minimizing the risks of implant failure.

Learning objectives: 

  • The definition and classification of peri-implant diseases
  • The prevalence of peri-implant diseases
  • The pathogenesis of the peri-implant diseases and the existence of the different systemic and local risk factors
  • How to diagnose the different forms of peri-implant diseases
  • How to prevent peri-implant diseases
  • How to treat peri-implant diseases and their sequelae

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