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Gayle Myers, RDH, BS

Gayle has been a clinician in periodontal practices since she received her BS in dental hygiene from USC in 1981. She developed the techniques for interpretation of dental endoscope images. Currently she continues to practice,
lecture, publish articles, and train clinicians in the clinical applications of the dental endoscope. She is a participant in several clinical trails as well as the basic science research in dental endoscopy.

Presentation Title: Dental Endoscopy : A Twenty Year Perspective


This lecture will be an overview for dentists and dental hygienists on periodontal endoscopy (perioscopy). We will explore how the use of the dental endoscope is being utilized to enhance a clinician’s  ability to perform periodontal treatment on natural teeth as well as implants. This course will leave the clinician with a new understanding and a renewed vision for the dental profession.

Hands-On Workshop: A Hands On Introduction to Dental Endoscopy


This hands on workshop will provide an opportunity for the clinician to rotate through different stations to explore with the dental endoscope: root accretions, root anatomy, a variety of subgingival pathologies on natural teeth, and to experience two handed instrumentation on a typodont.

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