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Dr. Azadeh Tavari, DDS, MS

Dr. Tavari is a board-certified periodontist practicing in Los Angeles. Dr. Tavari received her DDS degree from the University of Southern California, graduating with honors. She then completed her specialty residency program in Advanced Periodontology at USC, while earning a Master of Science degree in Craniofacial Biology. During this time, she received the Robert Merlin Student Leadership Award from the California Society of Periodontists. Dr. Tavari is an active member of the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Periodontology and the California Society of Periodontists.

Presentation Title: Periodontal regeneration: treatment modalities and predictive considerations


A wide variety of treatment modalities exist in respect to regeneration of periodontal defects. This lecture will provide an evidence-based approach surrounding diagnosis, prognosis and treatment planning of periodontal regeneration. Scientific research and clinical cases will be provided to discuss risk factors, prognostication tools, technique selection and material selection for various clinical approaches.


Learning objectives:

  • Identification of indications for periodontal regenerative treatment
  • Identification of predictive factors and risk factors that may compromise treatment outcomes

  • Therapeutic approaches to periodontal regeneration, including material selection


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