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Dr. Audrey L. Boros MSc., DDS

Dr. Boros received her BSc. from McGill University following which she pursued her MSc. in Pathology and Molecular Medicine. After receiving her DDS from USC she completed a residency in oral and maxillofacial pathology at New York Presbyterian/Queens. Dr. Boros is an Assistant Professor at USC where she directs and instructs predoctoral, postdoctoral and online courses in oral pathology.  She is a diplomate of the ABOMP, a fellow of the AAOMP and laboratory director and owner of Oral Pathology Associates.

Presentation Title: A Review of Oral Lesions and Current Hot Topics in Oral Pathology

Using a case-based approach, this interactive presentation will provide the participant with the opportunity to use critical thinking skills in reviewing numerous oral lesions.  An approach to formulating differential diagnoses for the reactive, neoplastic and developmental conditions presented will be reviewed.  The discussion will include hot topics in the oral pathology literature. 

Learning objectives: 

  • At the conclusion of this presentation, the clinician will have reviewed some common, and some not so common but very significant oral lesions.  

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