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Dr. Alfonso Gil, DDS, MS

Dr. Gil received his DDS degree with Distinction at the University of the Basque Country in Spain (2008-2013). He received two Scholarships, one by the University of the Basque Country and another one by Proclinic Dental Company, to complete his postgraduate training. Dr Gil completed his residency in the Advanced Periodontology Program in the University of Southern California (2013-2016) and in the Implant Center in the University of California Los Angeles (2017-2018). He is now enrolled in a 4 year program in the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics in the University of Zurich. He is an active member of the following academies: AAP, AO, WSP, SEPA, and EAO where he has presented multiple research posters. His line of research is Implant Biomechanics, use of PRF in the Extraction Socket and Soft Tissue Grafting with the VISTA Technique.

Presentation Title: Periodontal Soft Tissue Augmentation: novel techniques and predictive factors.


Soft tissue defects around teeth are common and affect the patient´s quality of life. These can be managed by treatment of gingival recession around teeth, as well as improvement of soft tissue quality (keratinized gingiva). A variety of techniques are available for soft tissue augmentation. However, the conventional techniques have a number of limitations including: scar formation due to surface incisions, relapse of recession due to muscle pull or necrosis of the graft. This presentation will discuss the various techniques and will introduce a novel, minimally invasive approach, referred to as “vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access” (VISTA). The rationale and technique of VISTA will be presented and illustrated with clinical cases. In addition, important site-specific characteristics will be discussed as predictors of outcome for soft tissue augmentation. .


  • Rationale and technique of VISTA for soft tissue augmentation around teeth.
  • Discussion of site-specific characteristics that exert an influence on periodontal outcomes.
  • Step-by-step VISTA demonstration and suturing with bonded composite for soft tissue augmentation.

Hands-On Workshop: Management of Implants in the Aesthetic Zone with simultaneous Bone Augmentation: L-Shape Technique


The management of implants in the aesthetic zone remains a clinical challenge. Major ridge augmentation surgery involves high morbidity and long treatment times for the patient and is technique-sensitive for the clinician. Implants can be placed 6 to 8 weeks after extraction, once the soft tissue has healed. At the time of early implant placement in the aesthetic zone, bone augmentation is indicated to treat the common bone deficiency on the buccal and occlusal side of the implant. A novel and simple technique will be presented (L-Shape Technique) where a xenograft mixed with collagen will be trimmed into an L-Shape and positioned simultaneous to the the implant, on its buccal and occlusal side. This technique provides proper stability for the bone graft, resulting in healthy and esthetic hard and soft peri-implant tissues.


  • The Rationale for early and delayed implant placement with bone augmentation
  • Discussion of incision design, implant position, bone augmentation, membrane coverage and tension-free suturing
  • Step-by-step demonstration of the L-Shape bone augmentation surgery together with implant placement



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