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Dr. Pascal Valentini, DDS

  • DDS University of Paris 1982
  • Private practice limited to Oral surgery and Implant Dentistry in Paris
  • Program Director Post Graduate of Oral Implantology University of Corsica (Corte ,France)
  • Associate Professor of Implant Dentistry
    Loma Linda University (California)
  • Past-President of the European Association for Osseonintegration  EAO (2012-2014)
  • Recipient of the Robert  James Award for Education in Implant Dentistry 2010 Loma Linda University

Presentation Title: What Can we Learn from Complications in Sinus Floor Elevation?

According to the literature, It is well known that the occurence of post operative chronic sinusitis appears to be limited to patients with a predisposition for this condition.

In order to prevent post and also per operative complications it is very important to be able to precise anatomical particularities and to diagnose the health status of maxillary sinus.

The possibility for the right management of those parameters is essential for the case selection.

Learning objectives:

  • To detect patients with predisposition for complications
  • To manage intra and post op complications
  • To select patients for maxillary sinus grafting

Hands-On Cadaver Workshop: Lateral sinus augmentation and Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF): avoiding and managing complications


This cadaver course will focus on how to perform maxillary sinus grafting with simultaneous implant placement.

The sinus anatomy and its consequences on the surgical technique will be described.

The management of intra operative complications will be shown as the way to prevent  them.

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