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Dr. Navid Sharifzadeh, DDS, MS

  • Board Certified Periodontist, Implantologist, University of Southern California, USA
  • Master in Oral and Craniofacial Biology, University of Southern California, USA
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and Dental implant Surgery
  • Visiting faculty, Department of Periodontology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Presentation Title: Regenerative Techniques For Soft Tissue Enhancement Around Implants

Tooth replacement by means of dental implants is considered to be a predictable procedure in modern dentistry. It is through the process of osseointegration that the stability of the implant is secured. The maintenance of stability and function of the load carrying implant however, is dependent on a well functioning barrier mechanism established at the transmucosal passage of the implant. The anatomic differences between the periodontal and the peri-implant tissues contribute to render more difficult the interpretation of the clinical outcomes. The factors to be considered in this regard are (i) establishment and maintenance of biological health; (ii) prevention of recession; (iii) aesthetics; and (iv) cleansibility of the reconstruction.

Learning objectives:

  • This presentation will demonstration the importance of the soft tissue complex around dental implants, as well as the different surgical techniques and time frames regarding the enhancement of the soft tissue barrier at the implant sites.

Hands-On Workshop: Management Of Peri-Implant Mucosal Deficiencies

This hands on course will describe different techniques to overcome mucosal deficiencies around dental implants. Participants will experience performing surgical techniques in almost all possible scenarios in the soft tissue aspect of implant density such as lack of vestibular depth, lack of keratinzed mucosa, lack of adequate thickness(thin biotype) mucosa.

The surgical techniques includes free gingival graft, connective tissue graft by vestibular incision sub periosteal tunnel (VISTA) technique and vascularized inter-positional (VIP) flap.

Participants will also experience different harvesting techniques including connective tissue graft from palate and tuberosity as well as free gingival graft.

Finally, different suturing techniques and suture materials will be described.

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